Sarahsson fuses hedonistic club with guttural noise, euphoric trance, and neoclassical composition. The Bristol-based producer, composer, costume designer, and performance artist creates her own transforming field recordings of marsh reeds and whispers into percussion, rather than using pre-made samples. In keeping with this DIY spirit, she also built her own Daxophone—a bowed instrument, which conjures monstrous blasts and wails under her ritual.

Having recently shared lineups with the likes of Lyra Pramuk, Leya, Oklou, Varg2tm, LSDXOXO, Patti Smith, and many more, Sarahsson’s soundtracking work spans Acne’s Studios FW23 Paris Fashion Week Runway Show, Harpies about Europe's first trans strip club for The ICA, Welsh folklore horror film Nânt—nominated for the BFI and Iris Prize. Collaborations include Protopia Dreams with Studio Dosage and participation in Colin Self's Xoir at the ICA.

Sarahsson is participating in "Fools and Their Folly."