Ludwig Wandinger

Ludwig Wandinger is a producer, performer and visual artist, based in Berlin.

He has performed and worked with a variety of forward thinking musicians and artists such as Kianí del Valle, Elvin Brandhi, Luka Aron, Grischa Lichtenberger, Evita Manji, Brodinski, Sara Persico, Jim Black, Keith Rankin, the Notwist, the Berliner Ensemble, Kirke Karja, Dan Nicholls, House of Base, Philipp Gropper, John Object, Wanja Slavin, Elias Stemeseder, Fausto Mercier, Kathrin Pechlof, Donnie Fredericks, Petter Eldh, Moran Sanderovich, Robot Koch, trngs, Lucia Cadotsch, tibslc, Ken Vandermark and many more. 

His solo and collaborational music got released on genre-defying labels such as Orange Milk Records, Gin and Platonic, Mutants Mixtape, and Average Negative, with co-production credits for releases on A flooded need, PAN, Squama and Genot Centre and many more.

Over the years he had the chance to go perform in Ecuador, China, Switzerland, Canada, Vietnam, France, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Philippines, Canada, Poland, Indonesia, Iceland, Austria, Romania, Finland, Estonia, and Norway with highlight festivals being the likes of Jazz Fest Berlin, Moers Festival, Magnet Festival, A l´Arme Festival, 3hd Festival, Punkt Festival, etc.

His multimedia digital art gets released via the moniker "kirschbluetenimwind" and has so far been exhibited at the "Digital Fog" exhibition at Urban Contemporary in Berlin 2022, the Keyframe Digital Art Festival in Vienna 2022, the Pop Up Gallery Berlin 2022, the "Mana Exhibition" in Shibuya, Tokyo 2022 and as a part of the collective showcase by “  11prf2r_sm” at Art Basel Hongkong 2023.

Ludwig Wandinger participates in "Eat the Rich".

Image by David Mesa