Bloodz Boi

Bloodz Boi is a pioneer in China's Cloud Rap scene and a bona fide underground legend.

He’s one of the few truly independent Chinese musicians to have cultivated a truly global fanbase and recognition. Over the years, Bloodz Boi has cemented a reputation for his emotional music. His heartfelt melodies and sincerity have allowed his music, much of it in Chinese, to transcend borders, languages and cultures, touching the souls of everyone who hears his voice.

The sound of Bloodz Boi is international. Not only has he contributed a track to YEAR0001’s first compilation album, ‘RIFT One’, alongside Yung Lean, Bladee and Thaiboy Digital, the legendary Swedish label also released Bloodz Boi’s official debut album, ‘365’ (produced by Quit Life), in 2022, presenting a significant milestone in Bloodz Boi’s journey.

Bloodz Boi’s second album, ‘A Crying Poem’, a collaboration with Claire Rousay and More Eaze, was released to global critical acclaim. It received widespread positive coverage from the likes of The Quietus, Pitchfork, Stereogum, Dazed, The Needle Drop, Resident Advisor and more, being selected as one of the ‘The Best Tapes of 2022’ in The Quietus.

As a Chinese musician, Bloodz Boi’s work has often been covered by Pitchfork, and he has received significant coverage across Spotify, landing playlist placements in the likes of RA: Press Pause, Pitchfork Selects & more. He also holds a monthly residency on NTS Radio. Bloodz Boi has collaborated with the likes of Tohji, Organ Tapes, Umru, Nosgov, How To Dress Well, EDEN, Ryan Hemsworth.

Bloodz Boi participates in "Fools and Their Folly".