ssaliva is the alias of François Boulanger from Brussels. He has released an album on the innovative and enigmatic label Ekster, which is in a willfully disorienting way entitled: BE ME. The title refers, quite possibly, to a phenomenon of the past, namely the fanaticism and fetish that listeners used to develop towards the musicians they admired. Today, these tendencies have turned into self-referential forms of narcissism that are fueled by the constant need to update, share, and promote one’s own seemingly spontaneous and intimate images on the various channels of our social media networks. And yet ssaliva’s music is not merely an aesthetic reflection that focuses on the disillusioned post-internet user who has become commodified merchandise that emerges on news feeds. It also allows for dynamic fantasies and creates moments of immersion within a cyber environment where the abandonment of the individual body is nothing more than a mere formality.